You know you are beautiful, but let me say that
You are beautiful like a crescent moon.

You know you are delicate, but let me say that
You’re delicate as a peacock feather.

You know your eyes are beautiful,
but let me say that
You’re eyes are sparklingly   beautiful.

You know you’re special, but let me say that
You’re are very special to me.



It’s not how they shows in movies….

Episode 2 :

I wandered from library to canteen, from one laboratory to another but I couldn’t find her. Where she has gone? I started to doubt myself is she real or it was a product of my useless bored mind. Where she must have gone? I even went to administration office as she had said that she’s a new student. It’s amazing how everything she said stuck on my brain. Why it can’t do the same with Professors and parents? I am standing at the corridor with my eyes stick on the road to spot that familiar face for whom I bunked my lectures. I don’t know her name, I don’t know where she’s from and I guess I don’t care. I just want to find her. I know I’m being desperate. But fuck it. I want to find her or at least find her name. Wait! There would be roll no. list on the notice board. I rushed to the notice board. My eyes moved from one list to another there are 10 such list one for each section of each year I found my class list. I clicked a photo of the list.

As I turn back there he was the bad-ass Professor Raut of our institute.  All profs are bad-ass but none are of his level. There was a rumor that he went all the way to Mumbai to punish a student who tried to beat one of his colleagues.

I don’t know who made him a Professor he looked more like a Bodyguard.


“Why you are here Ramteke sir is taking a lecture in your class no?” he said. His voice went all through the corridor.

“Sir ” I started.

“Let me call him.” he interrupted.

“Sir he send me to check my roll no.” I said hastily before he can interrupt me again.

“Okay now go.” He said and went probably to find another student to scold.

My stomach starts to growl. I’m hungry now. I took a auto and headed to my flat.

To find that no food was there and my flat mates were sleeping like what we call in Hindi as Ghode bechke Sona. I tried to wake them up but no response from all four of them. Our flat is a 1 BHK flat with almost nil furniture, just a broken tea table. All the three rooms are in a file. The first two rooms are small but we had a very big Kitchen which is always messy.  I went into our messy kitchen and made myself a bowl of Maggie. I don’t know if it was the smell of the Maggie or the sound of the utensils which woke Shadab. He was there at front of me with a spoon in his hand.

“Did you sleep with the spoon?” I chuckled

“Didn’t you notice it was in my mouth when I was sleeping? I slept while eating.” he chuckled too.

“Eeew  Gross.”

He started eating with me.

Meanwhile I told him what had happened in the college. He is in my college but he’s not the regular one. I showed him the roll list’s photo but he don’t know the new one’s too.

Then when we don’t know the person we used to search him/her in Phone Directory. Now we search them on Facebook. So I started searching the new girls on FB one by one. After 5 failed attempts I found what I was searching for. The innocent face with brown eyes, zed black hair, gosh she’s totally photogenic. Her DP is a close up picture of hers clicked in some sort of garden. Her eyes her big eyes it seemed to me like she’s looking directly at me. Her lips are red, blood red like she’d drunk blood. Her hairs are pulled back except that one strand which is just above her left eye. Her name is Muskaan Dutta she’s from Chandrapur  that’s all, her profile had only two things. I don’t want to do anything I just want to stare at her photo. And with that started the staring game. I stared at her photo and she stared back at me from her photo. It gave me the same jitters that one look of her at class had given to me.

While I was busy searching  and staring, all my flatmates have woken up and was staring at me with still sleep in their eyes.

“What ?” I asked.

“Who is the girl ?” All four of them said in unison.

“She is Muskaan Dutta from our college and my class.” I said proudly. I don’t know why we feel proud to have some beautiful girls in our class, even if they don’t talk to you.

They snatched my phone started to zooming  her photo.

“She’s out of your league Rathin.” That was their verdict.

“Forget her.” Nehal said. Nehal have a brown complexion very small hair. His face is round shaped. He at times talked like he is a 3 year old kid, especially when he is talking to his Mom it’s sometime hilarious  but sometimes very annoying.

P.S. He don’t have a girlfriend

“Why do you say that ?” I said with a very upset tone.

“Look at her she must have a boyfriend or boyfriends.” Sumit said.

Sumit a child of a ex Military officer. He look s like some sort of Soldier. With a fair complexion he have a great muscular body and height above 6 feet. And he has many girlfriends.

And that made me think otherwise. They’re right she out of my league. She’s so beautiful and I am a skinny curly haired boy with not so attractive face. Who’ll like me ?

What happens next ?

Stay Tuned.

It’s not how they shows in movies…..

Episode : 1

So the time have come when my Prof asked “How does a induction motor starts ?”, literally.

I am in a class full of aspiring wanna be Engineers. Most of them are sitting there absent minded just for the sake of the attendance so that they will get a respective internal marks. Nobody is listening to what the Prof is blabbering about induction motor. They’re in their oceans of thoughts which mostly has to do with getting laid. Well, I am not listening to him either. I am scribbling this thing. Let me do a head count. The ones on the first two benches are intellectual, they are in the game and gonna be among the toppers. The ones on the middle benches are  average people they listens to what the Prof.is saying but they don’t get it. The back benchers are the mixed of the show offs, intellectual (like me;)) and the don’t care ones.

I was bore, I tried all the things from scribbling on the bench and on the back page to even listening to the big eyed cunning Prof who always find a way to scold me. Here he comes to me.”What’re you doing ? Stand up.” he said(His voice must be echoing all over the corridor). I think he saw me scribbling. “Nothing.”. You know when your Prof.stand on a mere distance of 12 inch from just one word escape from your mouth ‘Nothing’.

“So tell me what is a starter ?” he asked while adjusting his round rimmed glasses. He resumed from where he started . And yeah I answered the question like I said I’m from the intellectual ones.

I was bore again. I tried scanning the classes the situation didn’t change much. People are doing what they are doing. The door cracked open like in the horror movie. A gush of wind with some fragrance sparkled on it enter the class room . With the fragnance came a girl, a beautiful girl. She is wearing a yellow top and blue skin tight jeans. Her face wow ! You know God must be a painter because only a painter can make such a elegant face. It has a childlike innocence. She stop just a few inches from the door.

“Sorry sir for  barging in like this. Is this 2nd year Electronics and telecommunication class ?” she said in a low voice.

Although I ‘m sitting on penultimate bench I could hear her, ‘Gosh’ she have such a beautiful voice.

“Yes.” Prof said in a most disgusting voice.

“Sorry sir I’m a direct year student and I didn’t know the classroom.” she said.

“It’s okay, settle down.” Prof said calmly.

You know if instead of her a boy had come the Prof would’ve given a 5 minutes lecture to him before telling him to sit down.

Now my brain started to think in Sherlock mode. It scanned all the class and gave me only one hit. “There’s only one place left it’s the bench just beside me.” Now my heart start beating fast I don’t know why.

She is scanning all the class with her big twinkling eyes, just like the eyes of the anime characters. She notice the same bench beside me. She started walking towards it and she settled on the 3rd bench.What ? Shit. Why girls have to become helpful just now ? The girls on the the 3rd bench squeezed themselves and made space for her.

Now I’m not bored. I’m looking at her continuously. Yeah yeah staring.I want to see her face. But all I am seeing is her hairs. She have long zed black hairs and they are all over her back. The aroma of her shampoo tingling my nostrils. Yeah I know it’s her shampoo what it could be. I’m sure after the lecture all the girls will going to discuss about the shampoo. What brand and all blah blah blah ?

She keep pulling her hairs back of her ears. Those few strands which keeps falling on her face. She have wore small diamond earrings just like her eyes. Here I’m noticing her each and every attributes and she don’t even know that I exists.More than that I want to see her face. I’ve to do something to get her to notice me, to make her turn back so that I can see her face. I’m craving for it.

Now I’m listening to my Prof and I want him to ask question I want him to scold me I want him to do something so that she would turn her back and see me. When you really want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

“What is plugging, anyone ?” Prof asked. And I love him for doing that. I raise my hand and I didn’t even hear properly what was the question.

“Can you please repeat the question sir ? “I asked while standing.

The whole class is laughing. And the Prof.is looking at me in disgust. “Ssh”. He sshed. That made the whole class silent. She’s yet to turn. Prof repeated the question. And I tried to answer from the excerpt that I’d read yesterday. While answering the question I was constantly looking at her. And guess what she turn her back and our eyes meet for a fraction of second and I am on a cloud nine, right now.

I just want to talk to her. After the lecture. And Paulo Coelho is right. And the bell rings, lecture ended. Thanks Universe for conspiring this Or thanks the Automatic electric bell for being right on time.

As the Prof exit the class. It become a chaotic place. All the people are wandering like it’s a Kumbh Mela. Meeting their friends like they’d got separated and meeting them after rebirth. The whole class become like a labyrinth. It took me 5 min to get out of the class. And hell she’s gone. 😦

What happens next ??? Stay tuned

Opinions are appreciated.

32 Years old Bicycle

“Have you sat properly back there ?” Sanu’s dad asked Sanu in excitement, who was sitting on the carrier on the back of the bicycle of his father’s. The bicycle of his father was 32 years old, the whole body of the bicycle is brown in color except the handle, it was glittering like the silver with S. K Das engraved on it. It runs as smooth as butter. Sanu’s Dad got this bicycle from his elder brother when he was suffering from blood cancer and eventually died of it. Sanu’s dad was dropping him to his school which was their routine. And as usual he was at the back on the bicycle wearing a white shirt, blue half pants, blue tie with a circular badge on it which had a picture of Rabindranath Tagore at the center and initials of the school name at the top. He had a red colored pokemon bag hanging on the back of his shoulder. He had to constantly adjust the strap of the bag on his shoulder as it was too heavy for his weight. He was thin had curly hairs combed in two parts more on the right side than on right, fair complexion, innocent face and had a scar at the right side of his forehead which he got when he fell while playing at night and his head slammed on a rock leaving him with 0.5 cm deep hole.

Sanu was looking at bikes, cars passing by his side. His dad at the front seat of the bicycle had been talking to him. “My brother always loved me the most of all the siblings, he used to ask me to come to his office at the college by noon, so that he could give me money by lending it from his colleague to bought the groceries for remaining month as it tends to end before next month salary.”

It was month of march, the rays from sun were beginning to get under the skin. A boy with large curly hairs entered the gate he was wearing a khakee colored half pant and white shirt. He had chocolate brown complexion, brown eyes and had a slight beard indicating that he had just entered the teenage era. He entered the small sized office through a wooden orange colored door There were several desks in the office separated with some distance. At one a curly haired man was sitting in his chair, at his desks there were some opened files, a pile of big registers at left side and a crystal like paper weight was mounted on the pile of registers. He went to that desk, the man at desk looked up and said “Shibu, come here, sit”. Shibu sat on the stool at front of the desk. “Wait here, I’ll be right back.” the man said while standing from his chair “Okay dada” said Shibu in acknowledgement. He went to the desk to his next where a bald man was writing something in registers of some sort. He bend his back and said something to the bald man. The bald man looked into his blue colored shirt’s pocket and took out 20 rupees note and hand it to him. He came back to his desk and gave the money to Shibu and said “Buy the groceries and get yourself some Cashews and Raisins.”

Now Sanu and his Dad on the bicycle reached the square at right side there was a hotel named ‘Dwarika’ to the left of it a Pan Stall followed by a photocopier and a book depot. And auto-rickshaw stand to the left. From this square they had to go to the cross the road to the right. As they crossed the road and went further down the road. At some distance there was a Gayatri Maa’s temple to the left. Sanu had to chant Gayatri Mantra every time they passed the temple , his dad had instructed him while they were going to school like this at the start of his class 3rd this year. In the beginning his dad had to chant first and he had to repeat it. After three days he memorized it and now he was chanting by himself as they passed the temple.

Sanu’s dad always preferred a shortcut which lies before the square name “Pal Chowk” named after the doctor who’s clinic was at the square. The area of the square consists two Colleges. two banks, numerous photocopier and general stores, due to which it was always crowded by people, students and automobiles. To avoid all this traffic and black fog pumped by the vehicles. They named the shortcut as ‘Pahadi Road’, as it has some ups and downs due to uneven deposition of mud during monsoon. The road had bushes and cactus on both side. On the right at some distance there was an ice factory.

To be back on the main road which will take them to the school, they had to take a right. This road had some potholes as this road accommodate some storage facilities for the ‘Bidi’ company which allows several trucks to load and unload the materials. On the right side there was compound covered with red flowers all over it of the bungalow owned by the owner of the ‘Bidi’ company. There was a soothing aroma of the flowers inside the lawn covered all the surrounding. At the Gate of the bungalow there was a guard in blue uniform and black cap on his head with a fiber rod hanging at his waist using the belt. At the chair beside the guard a girl in pink frock was sitting. She was white as milk, with innocence dripping of her face and had pitch black hair with two ponytails hanging on her shoulder. “She’s the daughter of the owner of the ‘bidi’ company.” said Sanu’s father looking at her. “She’s suffering from autism, I’d seen her at the hospital when we’d taken you for a routine check up after you had fits when you was 6 years old.” his dad told him while they were nearly at the main road.

On one autumn, Sanu at the door of his house where they used to live before they had moved to their own house was trembling, his mom saw him and called in hoarse for his dad and Sanu fainted and fell at the door. His dad held him and run for the main road to find a auto rickshaw, his mom followed them. They took him to their family doctor’s nursing home. But he recommended to the Psychiatrist who fortunately visited their city that day from his home town Nagpur. As a part of his treatment they had to visit the doctor at his clinic at Nagpur for ECG checkup. Once they were waiting for their turn to visit the doctor, in the lobby with all the patients and their guardian. They were sitting on a green colored sofa with Sanu eating his Cadbury Dairymilk. The lobby had white marble floor, with a reception desk at the right corner beside the entrance at which a nurse was sitting. The room had various posters of brain and different instructions hanging on the walls. The nurse at the reception desk called “Siddharth” Sanu’s ‘Bhalonaam’ as per the Bengali tradition of having two name one ‘Daknaam’(nick name) and one ‘bhalonaam’(Official name). As they were about to open the door, there was a tap on his dad shoulder. The man was the owner of the ‘bidi’ company, his father known him as he had been to a cultural program as a chief guest where his dad was playing percussion instruments for rhythm like ‘Nal’ and ‘Congo set’ in it. He explained him the situation that it’s urgent to show her daughter to doctor. And his dad let them in first as it was their routine checkup and they didn’t had any hurry.

Now they are at the main which will lead them straight to the school. this road accommodate all kind of stores like book depot. general stores cosmetic stores, optical store, garage on both the side. There were three schools,a Church, a Gurudwara and a ‘Shiv Shankar’s‘ temple all very closed to each other. Sanu’s school was in front of Gurudwara which is beside the Church. In front of his school there was a ground which used to be a garden which serve the purpose of jogging track and now it was barren land due to some government dispute regarding the land consist only a ‘Shiv Shankar’s‘ temple. Sanu jumped of the carrier, his dad handed him his water bottle which was hanging around the handle of the bicycle. He hung the water bottle around his neck. And he went towards the entrance waving his hand and saying “Good Bye” to his dad. His dad stand their looking at his son’s red pokemon bag on his shoulder as he adjusted the strap of the bag while entering the gate. Sanu looked back for the last time to saw his dad looking at him. He looked as his son disappeared into the corridor.

Dark Side

Last night there was slight drizzling and now it was all cloudy, but it was regular in here. The scent of the wet soil is clicking the feeling to lick it. Alok was walking down the yellow path filled with the yellow flowers of ‘Gulmohar’ tree. Every house in the lane has one of this tree. He was in his deep thought probably thinking about the dreams more like nightmares he was having every night since the last week. Nightmare about the same person wearing a black trench coat with its collar up.

Raging sounds of sirens from behind disturbed the thought of Alok. A line of police jeeps and an ambulance passed by his side. They all stopped two gulmohar trees further at the house of Singh’s. He hurried down there, he heard sobbing voice of a lady ranting “He’s my son, don’t take him,. He’s..” she broke down there as she saw her son’s hand hanging out of the stretcher carried by the coroner into the ambulance. As Alok tried to enter through the gate a police officer blocked him “You can’t go in there.” he instructed. “What’s happening ?” he asked the officer curiously. “Their son had died last night” police officer said with a deep concern in his voice. “Let me go in there, they are our neighbors. I live in there”  he said pointing his index finder of left hand in the direction of the gulmohar tree at front of their house. “Walk away kid, you are not allowed” police officer scolded him.

“Mr. Rajeev Singh’s son Nikhil, 15, had died last night in their house at Gulmohar street.” Police inspector Aaron Richard told the reporter. “How ?” reporter asked hurriedly, he ignored the question, got in his jeep and gone. Vaibhav Alok’s friend was at the canteen’s counter watching the local news channel on the LED TV hanging on the wall in front of him while collecting his order of two hot chocolate. “He was your neighbor naa ?, I’d seen him in your street playing with other kids of your streets” he asked Alok while he was handing him the hot chocolate’ mug. But the the mug fell on the floor and the whole drink spilled on the marble floor. Because Alok was in his ocean of thoughts. “Where are you bro ?” Vaibhav in high pitched voice. Everyone in the canteen were looking at them.”Sorry, I was lost.” Alok said while looking at the spilled hot chocolate on the floor. “Okay, let me get you another.” Vaibhav said. “No thanks not in the mood.” “So Nikhil ?” Vaibhav asked again.”Yeah, I saw his mother while I was coming to college.” “She was crying and ranting” Alok with a deep concern in his voice. “How did he died exactly ?, they didn’t tell on the news.” Vaibhav asked curiously. “How the hell I know?” Alok with a rage in his voice. “Okay calm down and why are you here not there ?” Vaibhav asked. “I am not good with condolences.”

“Tell me, how exactly that happened? How the boy died? ” Police Commissioner Tapan Agnihotry asked with a firm voice. “Sir he died because of excessive blood loss and we had speculated that he was bitten by Vampire ” Inspector Aaron answered standing before the Commissioner’s desk. “Vampire. what is this some kind of horror story and you are also believing it and want me to believe in it as well.” Commissioner with anger in his voice. “Sir, I had to believe in it because all the evidence are going with it, marks of teeth around his neck, blood on the floor all of it.” “In addition we found some traces of skin in his nails and five sets of finger prints all over the house.” “Out of five four are of Nikhil’s, his parents”s and their maid’s and the the fifth one didn’t match any of our records.” “We are running the finger print match with the Aadhar card’s database but it’ll take some time.” There was a knock on the Commissioner’s office’s door. “May I come in Sir” a firm voice came from behind the door. “Yes” Commissioner acknowledged. A young man in his late twenties emerged from the door wearing the police uniform. “Yes, What’d you got ? ” Commissioner asked. “Sir, the fifth print matched and you are not going to believe it.”

A streak of lightning strike in the dark sky illuminating the whole area, strong wind was blowing all over the place, the trees were making sound as they were swinging in unison. A figure in a black trench coat was walking with small steps on the yellow colored road with the leaves and yellow flowers floating in wind below his legs. He reached a houuse with blue wooden gate. He pushed the gate wide open and entered the path with garden on both the side.He climbed the three steps and started knocking the door with great force. A muffled voice was coming from behind the door and the intensity of the voice increased as the person behind the door reached the door saying “Coming”. He opened the door “Mom, Dad, I thought you won’t come tonight.” He said with his one eye closed. The person in trench coat pushed the kid, he fell on the floor on his back. The kid screamed in pain. “Who are you ?” the kid ranted. He held the kid with his collar and again pushed him on the floor. The kid was throwing his legs on him. But he bumped the kid’s head on the floor making him unconscious. He then sat on the kid’s stomach and took his mouth to the kid’s neck and started biting him and started drinking the kid’s blood. The sound of Alok’s phone ringtone made him wide awake. It was Vaibhav. “Hey bro you forgot our plan for the evening, I am waiting for you for one hour, I called you so many times, now move come to my home ASAP.”

Alok came downstairs after being ready to go to Vaibhav’s as he opened the door he saw the same Police officer he saw this morning at Nikhil’s house. “Mom its police, probably came for what happened to Nikhil.” he shouted. “Actually we came for you” Police officer said.holding his hand.

“The murderer of Nikhil Singh who died one month before was found, Alok Mathur from the same street where Nikhil found dead murdered him. From the report submitted by Inspector Aaron Richard, it is found that Alok was suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder in the influence of which he was acting like a vampire and killed Nikhil who had happened to be alone at home as his parents were out of city.” Vaibhav was reading the news on the daily newspaper and had tears in his eyes.

I am Happy

“Find happiness in small things”. This line is quoted by many and by my dad also he keep saying this to me. Well as a kid I never believed it, I was like how you can be happy by small things, then happiness for me was having a video game, having a remote controlled car. For kids this are the big things and hence happiness are in big things. But now I totally understand what he was saying.

Why is it so ? Why in small things ? Because they come frequently, everyday, every moment. You just need to look for them, identify them. We all hate waiting for something, aren’t we? So why wait something big to happen to be happy. And believe me Cadbury Eclairs won’t help in waiting. Be happy every time.

So where to find them, well they are like dust particles, everywhere. They are in the praise of your parents, it’s in finding a special friend online after a long time, it’s in your favorite song playing on the radio, it’s in getting a retweet for your tweet, it’s in seeing your crush after long time, it’s in eating ice-cream in rain, its in doing something which you want to do for long time, it’s in going for a walk at 12 am all alone and scary too.  And in etc etc.

So grab them find them , just like the sale and  this sale is open for you anytime. This will rock the equilibrium of happy and sad moments, you’ll have happiness in you face every time, you will live long. Isn’t that we want ? So what are you waiting for ? Ready Steady Po !!