Need, Time and Eyes

Somewhere I have read that “You don’t get the things you want, you get the things you need.”

May be I don’t need Love right now, I want it so badly but I don’t need it. Your needs always gonna have upper hand on your wants. Don’t try to change it, first of all its really hard it’s like moving in opposite direction of river’s current. And even if you succeed it will create disasters in your life and the one’s who are close to you. It disturbs the equilibrium. It disturbs the balance.


“You get things at the right time, neither before nor after just at the right time.”

There’s always a villain in a love story sometime it’s the girl’s father or her brother and sometimes it’s the society. In my case the villain is TIME. You know, time has already printed your itinerary for your lifetime and it has a watchful eye on it, you try to do something other than what’s written in that itinerary it make sure that you can’t complete it. So time haven’t written the word LOVE  in my itinerary, not yet. But I’m sure its gonna pop up real soon.


Everyday you see these beautiful faces, some faces have watery eyes like ocean deep watery eyes, some has glittering eyes like shining like gold, some has fickle  eyes always moving here and there searching, some has big eyes the kinda eyes you can look at them for hours and you don’t know when the hours have gone by. You try to look at them, some look back some don’t, some glances at you, some makes an eye contact. I don’t met anyone who has hold the gaze, like they’re questioning who are you, what are you, like they’re drinking you through your eyes. Like they’re trying to figure you out. And when someone will hold this gaze then I’ll know that it’s my need, that my time have come and I have found the Right pair of eyes.



Let’s not know each other,
Let’s not tell each other about ourselves,
Let the other one peel off the layers of skin
which holds the secrets, the habits,
the hobbies, the tale of your past, the scars,the fear which made your skin a range of tiny mountains.




We are word eaters.                                                                                  

We feed on words.

Words that appreciate us.

Words that criticize us.

Words that hurt us.

Words that heal us.

Choose the words wisely and you’ll be healthy.

Use some outrageous ones and it will give you constipation.

It has to be her.. (Episode 1)

Eyes met.

She was possessed by books.

I was possessed by her.

I was supposed to be studying, I tell myself. But my eyes aren’t listening to my brain.  They aren’t even blinking. “It’s their food.” My subconscious tells me. Well it’s truly a delicious food. She is studying. It seems that she has drowned herself in it. Not even care to look up. I was looking at her for almost ten minutes.”Staring to be precise.” My subconscious jumps at the opportunity. Well how can you look away when you can see the most fascinating sight like Watching-Earth-From-Moon kinda sight. No you can’t. She’s writing something now. Her hands, you can see the veins even from a distance. She hasn’t looked up yet. I was studying for the unit test. Since it was an off period, I went to college library. I was studying like a geek 10 minutes before. Now it seems that I am struck by a Cupid’s arrow. I was really mugging when she came and sat just opposite to me from all the vacant seats in the library. Her mesmerizing bespectacled eyes. Her large eye lashes. The Kohl in her eyes. I was in love just then. No second thoughts. I was thinking that it was all destined, but now it feels like it was a mere co-incidence. It’s 15 minutes and she haven’t looked up yet, like the books has possessed her. I sighed. It sounded in the library like a high decibel sound. “Keep it quiet.” The library attendant shouted from her desk. That made her look up. I’m about to dug myself in the books. That’s when her eyes meet mine. She blinked with her eye lashes like a doll. I hold the gaze. “Or continued staring.” My subconscious knows when to add the punch line. She smile, creating the dimples on both her cheeks. And my heart started beating, I can feel it now. Until now I didn’t know that  I have a beating heart.

This Is How We Date Now

Thought Catalog

iStockphotoiStockphoto / MmeEmil

We don’t commit now. We don’t see the point. They’ve always said there are so many fish in the sea, but never before has that sea of fish been right at our fingertips on OkCupid, Tinder, Grindr, Dattch, take your pick. We can order up a human being in the same way we can order up pad thai on Seamless. We think intimacy lies in a perfectly-executed string of emoji. We think effort is a “good morning” text. We say romance is dead, because maybe it is, but maybe we just need to reinvent it. Maybe romance in our modern age is putting the phone down long enough to look in each other’s eyes at dinner. Maybe romance is deleting Tinder off your phone after an incredible first date with someone. Maybe romance is still there, we just don’t know what it looks like now.

When we…

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This Is The New Loneliness

Thought Catalog

Eugenio MarongiuEugenio Marongiu

It’s a weekday evening and you’re feeling restless. You’re texting friends and you’re watching Netflix and you’re on your laptop and you’re scrolling through Tumblr or Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. Your attention is in ten different directions, yet there’s a tug, a tiny voice in the back of your mind. It asks: what are you distracting yourself from? You ignore. Scroll again. Click again.

You send a text: “Wanna hang tomorrow night?”

“Sure, I need to leave my apartment eventually, lol”

“L O L, me too, goddddd. Ok, let’s plan tomorrow”

Tomorrow rolls around.

“You know, can we maybe rain check on plans? I’m cozy!”

“YES, omg, I totally wanted to bail, too. PERFECT.”

Then, you two text all night. Netflix on in the background. Computer on your lap. Scroll. Click. Scroll. Click. Refresh. Scroll. Click. Text.

Wait a second. What? How is this our new normal?…

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Have you seen the gurgling stream?
You’re more pure than that.

Have you seen the full moon from a beach in a dark night ?
You’re more beautiful than that.

Have you solved any mysteries lately?
You’re more intriguing than that.

Have you ever dreamt where you’re flying like a bird?
You’re more awesome than that.

Have you seen yourself in a mirror?
You’re more than you think.

Have you read your favorite book once again?
You’re more amazing than the character you envy.


I had a dream,
Where I was a soul
Doing things to which my brain said I shouldn’t.
Visiting places I carved to go while
I was a refuge in my body.

I had a dream,
Where I was a soul
Writing things to which my mind
Said I shouldn’t.
Playing games I wanted to play
While I was a refuge in my body

I had a dream,
Where I was a soul
Making things to which my mind said I shouldn’t
Flying in the blue sky which I couldn’t
While I was a refuge in my body.

I had a dream,
Where I was a soul
Feeling things to which my head said I shouldn’t
Jumping from one star to another
Which was my dream which I couldn’t
While I was a refuge in my body.

Don’t feel guilty…

When I told my friend that I accientally deleted the photos of ours at a party, he forgot that I’m his friend and started cursing me. His words were “You careless bastard, you moron, how could you do this to me, they were the best photos I’ve ever had and you deleted them I was looking so smart in them, I wanted to upload them on Facebook and Instagram and you good for nothing Beep Beep Beep.” Further conversation is censored, it would’ve been reported if I’ve posted them in here.

Now I’m literally feeling guilty about it. Should I’ve to feel guilty about it ? They were just photos it’s neither that I’ve deleted the memory of those moments using some Doraemon’s gadgets from my and my friend’s brain nor that we are suffering from amnesia. So why we have to make a fuss about it?

Then : We used to call them best memories.
Now : We call them as best photos.

We change the whole meaning of living the moment, now we are more interested in clicking the photos of the moment. Instead of enjoying the moment we get busy in figuring out the angle, the poses, the camera settings, whether the flash is on or not, adjusting the contrast, brightness and blah blah blah.

These phone cameras just changed everything around here, they have made everyone a photographer of course an amateur one, but they want us to call them as Professional Photographer. Really ?

Then we used to say : “Hey look what a beautiful sunset! Let’s just sit here on these cold damp sand and enjoy the beauty of it.”
Now we say : “Hey look what a beautiful sunset! Let me take some photos.”

Yeah yeah I know what are you thinking, I know that photos preserves the memories. But what will you do by preserving them, when you aren’t in them. Where are you ? Obviously behind your DSLR. So what good it’ll do to you ?

I’m not saying that stop clicking photos, but do it when necessary. Do it when you’ve already enoyed the moment. And don’t feel guilty if you haven’t clicked the photos or your phone’s or camera’s battery is dead or if you’ve accidentally deleted the photos like me.

Let me tell how to relive the moments without the photos and the cameras. Close your eyes and think about what you did at the party, how you accidentally(delibrately) spilled drink over your friend, how you danced at a non danceble song and how you made fun of your friend. You’ll definately remember those moments if you weren’t busy figuring the pose, angle, brightness and all that shit.

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