Need, Time and Eyes

Somewhere I have read that “You don’t get the things you want, you get the things you need.”

May be I don’t need Love right now, I want it so badly but I don’t need it. Your needs always gonna have upper hand on your wants. Don’t try to change it, first of all its really hard it’s like moving in opposite direction of river’s current. And even if you succeed it will create disasters in your life and the one’s who are close to you. It disturbs the equilibrium. It disturbs the balance.


“You get things at the right time, neither before nor after just at the right time.”

There’s always a villain in a love story sometime it’s the girl’s father or her brother and sometimes it’s the society. In my case the villain is TIME. You know, time has already printed your itinerary for your lifetime and it has a watchful eye on it, you try to do something other than what’s written in that itinerary it make sure that you can’t complete it. So time haven’t written the word LOVE  in my itinerary, not yet. But I’m sure its gonna pop up real soon.


Everyday you see these beautiful faces, some faces have watery eyes like ocean deep watery eyes, some has glittering eyes like shining like gold, some has fickle  eyes always moving here and there searching, some has big eyes the kinda eyes you can look at them for hours and you don’t know when the hours have gone by. You try to look at them, some look back some don’t, some glances at you, some makes an eye contact. I don’t met anyone who has hold the gaze, like they’re questioning who are you, what are you, like they’re drinking you through your eyes. Like they’re trying to figure you out. And when someone will hold this gaze then I’ll know that it’s my need, that my time have come and I have found the Right pair of eyes.


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