It has to be her.. (Episode 1)

Eyes met.

She was possessed by books.

I was possessed by her.

I was supposed to be studying, I tell myself. But my eyes aren’t listening to my brain.  They aren’t even blinking. “It’s their food.” My subconscious tells me. Well it’s truly a delicious food. She is studying. It seems that she has drowned herself in it. Not even care to look up. I was looking at her for almost ten minutes.”Staring to be precise.” My subconscious jumps at the opportunity. Well how can you look away when you can see the most fascinating sight like Watching-Earth-From-Moon kinda sight. No you can’t. She’s writing something now. Her hands, you can see the veins even from a distance. She hasn’t looked up yet. I was studying for the unit test. Since it was an off period, I went to college library. I was studying like a geek 10 minutes before. Now it seems that I am struck by a Cupid’s arrow. I was really mugging when she came and sat just opposite to me from all the vacant seats in the library. Her mesmerizing bespectacled eyes. Her large eye lashes. The Kohl in her eyes. I was in love just then. No second thoughts. I was thinking that it was all destined, but now it feels like it was a mere co-incidence. It’s 15 minutes and she haven’t looked up yet, like the books has possessed her. I sighed. It sounded in the library like a high decibel sound. “Keep it quiet.” The library attendant shouted from her desk. That made her look up. I’m about to dug myself in the books. That’s when her eyes meet mine. She blinked with her eye lashes like a doll. I hold the gaze. “Or continued staring.” My subconscious knows when to add the punch line. She smile, creating the dimples on both her cheeks. And my heart started beating, I can feel it now. Until now I didn’t know that  I have a beating heart.


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