Don’t feel guilty…

When I told my friend that I accientally deleted the photos of ours at a party, he forgot that I’m his friend and started cursing me. His words were “You careless bastard, you moron, how could you do this to me, they were the best photos I’ve ever had and you deleted them I was looking so smart in them, I wanted to upload them on Facebook and Instagram and you good for nothing Beep Beep Beep.” Further conversation is censored, it would’ve been reported if I’ve posted them in here.

Now I’m literally feeling guilty about it. Should I’ve to feel guilty about it ? They were just photos it’s neither that I’ve deleted the memory of those moments using some Doraemon’s gadgets from my and my friend’s brain nor that we are suffering from amnesia. So why we have to make a fuss about it?

Then : We used to call them best memories.
Now : We call them as best photos.

We change the whole meaning of living the moment, now we are more interested in clicking the photos of the moment. Instead of enjoying the moment we get busy in figuring out the angle, the poses, the camera settings, whether the flash is on or not, adjusting the contrast, brightness and blah blah blah.

These phone cameras just changed everything around here, they have made everyone a photographer of course an amateur one, but they want us to call them as Professional Photographer. Really ?

Then we used to say : “Hey look what a beautiful sunset! Let’s just sit here on these cold damp sand and enjoy the beauty of it.”
Now we say : “Hey look what a beautiful sunset! Let me take some photos.”

Yeah yeah I know what are you thinking, I know that photos preserves the memories. But what will you do by preserving them, when you aren’t in them. Where are you ? Obviously behind your DSLR. So what good it’ll do to you ?

I’m not saying that stop clicking photos, but do it when necessary. Do it when you’ve already enoyed the moment. And don’t feel guilty if you haven’t clicked the photos or your phone’s or camera’s battery is dead or if you’ve accidentally deleted the photos like me.

Let me tell how to relive the moments without the photos and the cameras. Close your eyes and think about what you did at the party, how you accidentally(delibrately) spilled drink over your friend, how you danced at a non danceble song and how you made fun of your friend. You’ll definately remember those moments if you weren’t busy figuring the pose, angle, brightness and all that shit.


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