It’s not how they shows in movies….

Episode 2 :

I wandered from library to canteen, from one laboratory to another but I couldn’t find her. Where she has gone? I started to doubt myself is she real or it was a product of my useless bored mind. Where she must have gone? I even went to administration office as she had said that she’s a new student. It’s amazing how everything she said stuck on my brain. Why it can’t do the same with Professors and parents? I am standing at the corridor with my eyes stick on the road to spot that familiar face for whom I bunked my lectures. I don’t know her name, I don’t know where she’s from and I guess I don’t care. I just want to find her. I know I’m being desperate. But fuck it. I want to find her or at least find her name. Wait! There would be roll no. list on the notice board. I rushed to the notice board. My eyes moved from one list to another there are 10 such list one for each section of each year I found my class list. I clicked a photo of the list.

As I turn back there he was the bad-ass Professor Raut of our institute.  All profs are bad-ass but none are of his level. There was a rumor that he went all the way to Mumbai to punish a student who tried to beat one of his colleagues.

I don’t know who made him a Professor he looked more like a Bodyguard.


“Why you are here Ramteke sir is taking a lecture in your class no?” he said. His voice went all through the corridor.

“Sir ” I started.

“Let me call him.” he interrupted.

“Sir he send me to check my roll no.” I said hastily before he can interrupt me again.

“Okay now go.” He said and went probably to find another student to scold.

My stomach starts to growl. I’m hungry now. I took a auto and headed to my flat.

To find that no food was there and my flat mates were sleeping like what we call in Hindi as Ghode bechke Sona. I tried to wake them up but no response from all four of them. Our flat is a 1 BHK flat with almost nil furniture, just a broken tea table. All the three rooms are in a file. The first two rooms are small but we had a very big Kitchen which is always messy.  I went into our messy kitchen and made myself a bowl of Maggie. I don’t know if it was the smell of the Maggie or the sound of the utensils which woke Shadab. He was there at front of me with a spoon in his hand.

“Did you sleep with the spoon?” I chuckled

“Didn’t you notice it was in my mouth when I was sleeping? I slept while eating.” he chuckled too.

“Eeew  Gross.”

He started eating with me.

Meanwhile I told him what had happened in the college. He is in my college but he’s not the regular one. I showed him the roll list’s photo but he don’t know the new one’s too.

Then when we don’t know the person we used to search him/her in Phone Directory. Now we search them on Facebook. So I started searching the new girls on FB one by one. After 5 failed attempts I found what I was searching for. The innocent face with brown eyes, zed black hair, gosh she’s totally photogenic. Her DP is a close up picture of hers clicked in some sort of garden. Her eyes her big eyes it seemed to me like she’s looking directly at me. Her lips are red, blood red like she’d drunk blood. Her hairs are pulled back except that one strand which is just above her left eye. Her name is Muskaan Dutta she’s from Chandrapur  that’s all, her profile had only two things. I don’t want to do anything I just want to stare at her photo. And with that started the staring game. I stared at her photo and she stared back at me from her photo. It gave me the same jitters that one look of her at class had given to me.

While I was busy searching  and staring, all my flatmates have woken up and was staring at me with still sleep in their eyes.

“What ?” I asked.

“Who is the girl ?” All four of them said in unison.

“She is Muskaan Dutta from our college and my class.” I said proudly. I don’t know why we feel proud to have some beautiful girls in our class, even if they don’t talk to you.

They snatched my phone started to zooming  her photo.

“She’s out of your league Rathin.” That was their verdict.

“Forget her.” Nehal said. Nehal have a brown complexion very small hair. His face is round shaped. He at times talked like he is a 3 year old kid, especially when he is talking to his Mom it’s sometime hilarious  but sometimes very annoying.

P.S. He don’t have a girlfriend

“Why do you say that ?” I said with a very upset tone.

“Look at her she must have a boyfriend or boyfriends.” Sumit said.

Sumit a child of a ex Military officer. He look s like some sort of Soldier. With a fair complexion he have a great muscular body and height above 6 feet. And he has many girlfriends.

And that made me think otherwise. They’re right she out of my league. She’s so beautiful and I am a skinny curly haired boy with not so attractive face. Who’ll like me ?

What happens next ?

Stay Tuned.


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