It’s not how they shows in movies…..

Episode : 1

So the time have come when my Prof asked “How does a induction motor starts ?”, literally.

I am in a class full of aspiring wanna be Engineers. Most of them are sitting there absent minded just for the sake of the attendance so that they will get a respective internal marks. Nobody is listening to what the Prof is blabbering about induction motor. They’re in their oceans of thoughts which mostly has to do with getting laid. Well, I am not listening to him either. I am scribbling this thing. Let me do a head count. The ones on the first two benches are intellectual, they are in the game and gonna be among the toppers. The ones on the middle benches are  average people they listens to what the saying but they don’t get it. The back benchers are the mixed of the show offs, intellectual (like me;)) and the don’t care ones.

I was bore, I tried all the things from scribbling on the bench and on the back page to even listening to the big eyed cunning Prof who always find a way to scold me. Here he comes to me.”What’re you doing ? Stand up.” he said(His voice must be echoing all over the corridor). I think he saw me scribbling. “Nothing.”. You know when your Prof.stand on a mere distance of 12 inch from just one word escape from your mouth ‘Nothing’.

“So tell me what is a starter ?” he asked while adjusting his round rimmed glasses. He resumed from where he started . And yeah I answered the question like I said I’m from the intellectual ones.

I was bore again. I tried scanning the classes the situation didn’t change much. People are doing what they are doing. The door cracked open like in the horror movie. A gush of wind with some fragrance sparkled on it enter the class room . With the fragnance came a girl, a beautiful girl. She is wearing a yellow top and blue skin tight jeans. Her face wow ! You know God must be a painter because only a painter can make such a elegant face. It has a childlike innocence. She stop just a few inches from the door.

“Sorry sir for  barging in like this. Is this 2nd year Electronics and telecommunication class ?” she said in a low voice.

Although I ‘m sitting on penultimate bench I could hear her, ‘Gosh’ she have such a beautiful voice.

“Yes.” Prof said in a most disgusting voice.

“Sorry sir I’m a direct year student and I didn’t know the classroom.” she said.

“It’s okay, settle down.” Prof said calmly.

You know if instead of her a boy had come the Prof would’ve given a 5 minutes lecture to him before telling him to sit down.

Now my brain started to think in Sherlock mode. It scanned all the class and gave me only one hit. “There’s only one place left it’s the bench just beside me.” Now my heart start beating fast I don’t know why.

She is scanning all the class with her big twinkling eyes, just like the eyes of the anime characters. She notice the same bench beside me. She started walking towards it and she settled on the 3rd bench.What ? Shit. Why girls have to become helpful just now ? The girls on the the 3rd bench squeezed themselves and made space for her.

Now I’m not bored. I’m looking at her continuously. Yeah yeah staring.I want to see her face. But all I am seeing is her hairs. She have long zed black hairs and they are all over her back. The aroma of her shampoo tingling my nostrils. Yeah I know it’s her shampoo what it could be. I’m sure after the lecture all the girls will going to discuss about the shampoo. What brand and all blah blah blah ?

She keep pulling her hairs back of her ears. Those few strands which keeps falling on her face. She have wore small diamond earrings just like her eyes. Here I’m noticing her each and every attributes and she don’t even know that I exists.More than that I want to see her face. I’ve to do something to get her to notice me, to make her turn back so that I can see her face. I’m craving for it.

Now I’m listening to my Prof and I want him to ask question I want him to scold me I want him to do something so that she would turn her back and see me. When you really want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

“What is plugging, anyone ?” Prof asked. And I love him for doing that. I raise my hand and I didn’t even hear properly what was the question.

“Can you please repeat the question sir ? “I asked while standing.

The whole class is laughing. And the looking at me in disgust. “Ssh”. He sshed. That made the whole class silent. She’s yet to turn. Prof repeated the question. And I tried to answer from the excerpt that I’d read yesterday. While answering the question I was constantly looking at her. And guess what she turn her back and our eyes meet for a fraction of second and I am on a cloud nine, right now.

I just want to talk to her. After the lecture. And Paulo Coelho is right. And the bell rings, lecture ended. Thanks Universe for conspiring this Or thanks the Automatic electric bell for being right on time.

As the Prof exit the class. It become a chaotic place. All the people are wandering like it’s a Kumbh Mela. Meeting their friends like they’d got separated and meeting them after rebirth. The whole class become like a labyrinth. It took me 5 min to get out of the class. And hell she’s gone. 😦

What happens next ??? Stay tuned

Opinions are appreciated.


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