Dark Side

Last night there was slight drizzling and now it was all cloudy, but it was regular in here. The scent of the wet soil is clicking the feeling to lick it. Alok was walking down the yellow path filled with the yellow flowers of ‘Gulmohar’ tree. Every house in the lane has one of this tree. He was in his deep thought probably thinking about the dreams more like nightmares he was having every night since the last week. Nightmare about the same person wearing a black trench coat with its collar up.

Raging sounds of sirens from behind disturbed the thought of Alok. A line of police jeeps and an ambulance passed by his side. They all stopped two gulmohar trees further at the house of Singh’s. He hurried down there, he heard sobbing voice of a lady ranting “He’s my son, don’t take him,. He’s..” she broke down there as she saw her son’s hand hanging out of the stretcher carried by the coroner into the ambulance. As Alok tried to enter through the gate a police officer blocked him “You can’t go in there.” he instructed. “What’s happening ?” he asked the officer curiously. “Their son had died last night” police officer said with a deep concern in his voice. “Let me go in there, they are our neighbors. I live in there”  he said pointing his index finder of left hand in the direction of the gulmohar tree at front of their house. “Walk away kid, you are not allowed” police officer scolded him.

“Mr. Rajeev Singh’s son Nikhil, 15, had died last night in their house at Gulmohar street.” Police inspector Aaron Richard told the reporter. “How ?” reporter asked hurriedly, he ignored the question, got in his jeep and gone. Vaibhav Alok’s friend was at the canteen’s counter watching the local news channel on the LED TV hanging on the wall in front of him while collecting his order of two hot chocolate. “He was your neighbor naa ?, I’d seen him in your street playing with other kids of your streets” he asked Alok while he was handing him the hot chocolate’ mug. But the the mug fell on the floor and the whole drink spilled on the marble floor. Because Alok was in his ocean of thoughts. “Where are you bro ?” Vaibhav in high pitched voice. Everyone in the canteen were looking at them.”Sorry, I was lost.” Alok said while looking at the spilled hot chocolate on the floor. “Okay, let me get you another.” Vaibhav said. “No thanks not in the mood.” “So Nikhil ?” Vaibhav asked again.”Yeah, I saw his mother while I was coming to college.” “She was crying and ranting” Alok with a deep concern in his voice. “How did he died exactly ?, they didn’t tell on the news.” Vaibhav asked curiously. “How the hell I know?” Alok with a rage in his voice. “Okay calm down and why are you here not there ?” Vaibhav asked. “I am not good with condolences.”

“Tell me, how exactly that happened? How the boy died? ” Police Commissioner Tapan Agnihotry asked with a firm voice. “Sir he died because of excessive blood loss and we had speculated that he was bitten by Vampire ” Inspector Aaron answered standing before the Commissioner’s desk. “Vampire. what is this some kind of horror story and you are also believing it and want me to believe in it as well.” Commissioner with anger in his voice. “Sir, I had to believe in it because all the evidence are going with it, marks of teeth around his neck, blood on the floor all of it.” “In addition we found some traces of skin in his nails and five sets of finger prints all over the house.” “Out of five four are of Nikhil’s, his parents”s and their maid’s and the the fifth one didn’t match any of our records.” “We are running the finger print match with the Aadhar card’s database but it’ll take some time.” There was a knock on the Commissioner’s office’s door. “May I come in Sir” a firm voice came from behind the door. “Yes” Commissioner acknowledged. A young man in his late twenties emerged from the door wearing the police uniform. “Yes, What’d you got ? ” Commissioner asked. “Sir, the fifth print matched and you are not going to believe it.”

A streak of lightning strike in the dark sky illuminating the whole area, strong wind was blowing all over the place, the trees were making sound as they were swinging in unison. A figure in a black trench coat was walking with small steps on the yellow colored road with the leaves and yellow flowers floating in wind below his legs. He reached a houuse with blue wooden gate. He pushed the gate wide open and entered the path with garden on both the side.He climbed the three steps and started knocking the door with great force. A muffled voice was coming from behind the door and the intensity of the voice increased as the person behind the door reached the door saying “Coming”. He opened the door “Mom, Dad, I thought you won’t come tonight.” He said with his one eye closed. The person in trench coat pushed the kid, he fell on the floor on his back. The kid screamed in pain. “Who are you ?” the kid ranted. He held the kid with his collar and again pushed him on the floor. The kid was throwing his legs on him. But he bumped the kid’s head on the floor making him unconscious. He then sat on the kid’s stomach and took his mouth to the kid’s neck and started biting him and started drinking the kid’s blood. The sound of Alok’s phone ringtone made him wide awake. It was Vaibhav. “Hey bro you forgot our plan for the evening, I am waiting for you for one hour, I called you so many times, now move come to my home ASAP.”

Alok came downstairs after being ready to go to Vaibhav’s as he opened the door he saw the same Police officer he saw this morning at Nikhil’s house. “Mom its police, probably came for what happened to Nikhil.” he shouted. “Actually we came for you” Police officer said.holding his hand.

“The murderer of Nikhil Singh who died one month before was found, Alok Mathur from the same street where Nikhil found dead murdered him. From the report submitted by Inspector Aaron Richard, it is found that Alok was suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder in the influence of which he was acting like a vampire and killed Nikhil who had happened to be alone at home as his parents were out of city.” Vaibhav was reading the news on the daily newspaper and had tears in his eyes.


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