I am Happy

“Find happiness in small things”. This line is quoted by many and by my dad also he keep saying this to me. Well as a kid I never believed it, I was like how you can be happy by small things, then happiness for me was having a video game, having a remote controlled car. For kids this are the big things and hence happiness are in big things. But now I totally understand what he was saying.

Why is it so ? Why in small things ? Because they come frequently, everyday, every moment. You just need to look for them, identify them. We all hate waiting for something, aren’t we? So why wait something big to happen to be happy. And believe me Cadbury Eclairs won’t help in waiting. Be happy every time.

So where to find them, well they are like dust particles, everywhere. They are in the praise of your parents, it’s in finding a special friend online after a long time, it’s in your favorite song playing on the radio, it’s in getting a retweet for your tweet, it’s in seeing your crush after long time, it’s in eating ice-cream in rain, its in doing something which you want to do for long time, it’s in going for a walk at 12 am all alone and scary too.  And in etc etc.

So grab them find them , just like the sale and  this sale is open for you anytime. This will rock the equilibrium of happy and sad moments, you’ll have happiness in you face every time, you will live long. Isn’t that we want ? So what are you waiting for ? Ready Steady Po !!


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